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Apple No Longer Use Samsung Chip for iPhone 8

Apple No Longer Use Samsung Chip for iPhone 8

Apple and Samsung are both major players in the mobile device industry. Both also have a hate and love relationship. However, this time it seems Apple will give parting words to Samsung as the maker of chips for the next iPhone 8.

Apple previously using Samsung chips for the iPhone and the iPhone Plus 6s 6s ended the partnership.

Based on media reports of China, the Economic Daily News (EDN), Apple would cooperate with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as the main supplier of chips for the iPhone that A11 pitch 2017 aka iPhone 8.

TSMC and Samsung earlier equally never produces chips used on the iPhone A9 6s. In February this year, the company revealed that chip A10 for iPhone 7 are produced exclusively by TSMC and will release this coming September.

"TSMC manufactures chips Middle A10 for Apple to be used on the iPhone which was launched September 2016. The factory was in Taiwan would continue to be the supplier of processor A11 for Apple made with 10nm FinFET process, "wrote the reports in the media.

The report does not cite any source so that the truth is still not certain. Even so, Apple is rumored to only be using chips from TSMC for iPhone 7. Most likely, TSMC will be the sole supplier of the chip iPhone 8.

The Reason Apple Is Breaking Up A Partnership. There has been no official information on this subject, but it is likely related to the fact that Samsung is the main competitor for Apple.

Second, Apple supposedly was very impressed with the process of the FinFET 10nm used TSMC in chip manufacture. Further, this process is considered to be cheaper than the Samsung chip production process.

Reportedly, TSMC use the architecture InFO in developing the chip. This architecture allows companies to develop chips that are smaller, energy-efficient, as well as lighter.

1 year ago

iPhone 8 Came With New Display Technology

Although still two years away Phone 8 will be introduced, but rumors are discussing about this phone has begun to circulate. Mentioned, Apple will carry the new screen technology on a successor to the iPhone 7S it. Apple is known to adopt OLED screen on the iPhone 7. However, the use of such technology is not long. Because the company from Cupertino, California, the United States was developing a new screen technology to be embedded in the iPhone 8.

Screen technology developed by Apple called micro-LEDs. This technology uses smaller pixels than traditional LCD or LED backlit. The advantage, micro-LED provides a richer color and more the number of pixels in the same size. In addition also low power consumption. Like the OLED, micro-LED technology does not require extra backlight, thus providing more space. Consequently allowing Apple can make the iPhone thinner.

While quoted IBTimes, the current micro-LED research process underway Taiwan. In its development itself, Apple will take advantage of the intellectual property and manufacturing knowledge of LuxVue Technology which they bought in 2014 ago. It is hoped that this technology began to be applied in 2018.